Smart Garage Door Openers


Whether you’re looking to purchase a new garage door opener to go with your new, custom garage door or you simply want to replace your old opener, we have the answers to your questions! From the benefits and best model, here’s what you need to know about using a smartphone garage door opener in your home.

Can I Open My Garage Door with My Cell Phone?

Absolutely! Once you purchase a smart garage door opener, you can download the recommended garage door opener app that it’s compatible with. After downloading, follow the directions for connecting the app with your opener. When all is said and done, you’ll be able to open and close your garage door with your phone just like a garage door opener remote.

How Does a Smartphone Garage Door Opener Work?

Every unit has its own technology, but generally, the garage door opener and your smartphone communicate with each other through your home’s router and WiFi setup. If you’re using your phone to operate the garage door, the phone will send a signal through your router to your garage door opener. Similarly, when your door opens, it will send a signal to the router and the router will send the signal to your phone.

Smartphone Garage Door Opener Benefits

Increased Convenience

With a smartphone garage door opener, you have the ability to open your garage doors from any location. This feature is beneficial if you have kids who get home from school before you arrive home from work. Rather than having them carry around their own set of keys or memorize a multi-digit garage code, you can simply open the garage door for them.

Since you can operate your garage door from virtually anywhere, your smartphone opener may also allow you to open the garage door from work if you’re expecting a large, valuable delivery. Gone are the days of taking off work just to wait for a package or asking someone to stay at your home during the day so they can sign for your delivery!

For added reassurance and security, smartphone garage door openers can be set to close after a certain amount of time. This provides peace-of-mind for individuals who often forget to close the garage door when leaving in a rush.

Exceptional Safety & Security

Some smartphone garage door openers incorporate a camera, allowing you to double check if the door is open or closed when you aren’t home. This means you can physically see whether or not your door is open or closed.

In addition to checking to see if the door is open after you’ve left your home, smartphone garage door opener cameras can also double as a way to check on any pets that have kennels in your garage. It could eliminate the need to buy a separate pet camera to monitor your furry family members while you’re away.

Thanks to the smartphone garage door opener app, your phone will alert you when your garage door has been opened while you aren’t home. If you’re alerted when you don’t expect anyone to be home, you can check your camera to make sure there isn’t an intruder entering your garage.

You may also be concerned about hackers obtaining your garage door code in order to enter your garage. The good news is that secure codes are sent from your phone to your door opener, helping to prevent hackers from gaining access.

Best Smartphone Garage Door Opener

There are a lot of garage door opener brands to choose from, but Rissland Door offers our clients which one we believe is the biggest and the best.

Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Openers

Available in a variety of styles, Chamberlain smart garage door openers have built-in WiFi connections to easily integrate with your home’s network. With the MyQ app, the openers have the ability to receive alerts and sync with other smart devices and platforms within your home.

Main Benefits:

  • LED corner-to-corner lighting for superior visibility.
  • A battery backup to operate the garage door when the power is out.
  • Steel-reinforced belting for smooth, reliable performance.
  • Ultra-quiet functionality.
  • Garage door deadbolts for further protection from intruders.

Smartphone Garage Door Opener Hacks

Retrofitting Your New Garage Door Opener

Rather than purchasing a new, full garage door opener, you may consider retrofitting your existing opener to work with WiFi. The Family Handyman’s useful guide takes you through the process step-by-step and provides graphics to help you set up a WiFi signal and opener hub in your garage. The hub is the key component for controlling your existing opener with a wireless signal.

Getting Started with Your New Opener

Figure out whether or not you’ll install the opener yourself or if you’ll hire someone to install it for you. If you’re installing it yourself, you can use our guide to connecting your garage door to your smart home.

Integrating Your New Opener with a Smart Home Device

Most of the newer smartphone garage door openers have the ability to connect with Amazon and Google voice-activated devices. If you hope to connect your opener to a certain smart device, make sure that the unit model you purchase is compatible with your device. Some openers can only be controlled by Alexa, while some are only controlled by Google Home. Higher-end models may be compatible with both.

Take the Next Step Towards a Smarter Home

Ready to upgrade your garage door opener and enjoy the convenience and security of a smartphone-controlled system? At Rissland Door, we offer a range of smart garage door openers, including top-rated models from Chamberlain. Whether you’re looking to retrofit your existing opener or install a brand new system, our experts are here to help. Transform your garage into a smart, secure entryway with the latest technology. Contact us today or visit our website to get started!